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Bu, Spain'dan bir TV kanalıdır.

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 Yayınlandı June 2, 2020

Vegavisión renamed Cantabria 7 Televisión is one of the two televisions currently broadcasting in the Autonomous Community of Cantabria. The central studios are located in Torrelavega began its broadcasts in 1999. It closed its doors in 2004, after progressive losses. The channel belonged to the company VegaVisión de Besaya SAMuch of its programming was its own production, although recorded programs were also broadcast.

In March 2019 Cantabria 7 TV, (Vegavision) wins in the national radio-television awards the statuette for the best regional television 2019 and the program 'Pinceladas' two more statuettes as the best cultural program and another for the best social program. In December 2015, it marks the highest audience figure recorded by a television network in Cantabria, reaching an average of 93,465 average viewers over a period of 30 days.

Currently, the television station produces 4 programs that are broadcast on 31 television networks spread throughout the Spanish territory, highlighting the most characteristic programs of the same, Pinceladas and La Screen Indiscreta.

After becoming Tu Television and later TCB Television, the station passed into the hands of Popular TV, who continued broadcasting with recorded news and entertainment programs from the Torrelavega studios until its original name was recovered in December 2014 with new programming as well as formats that were broadcast on Popular TV. In fact, it becomes the first Cantabrian television to retransmit the chimes from a clock and Cantabrian place, that of the Torrelavega City Council to welcome 2015 to the entire region.

Since 2016 Popular TV Cantabria broadcasts at the regional level, and all frequencies on local DTT in Cantabria that Vegavisión and Popular TV had at that time go on to broadcast Cantabria 7 Television.

In 2016 the public televisions of Castilla y León, Baleares, and Canarias, began to broadcast the original formats of Pinceladas and Esta Noche Vamos a Bailar, creations of the Torrelavega television and produced by Ociobesaya SL, a subsidiary of the chain and company.

in charge of the production and creation of television formats. The brushstrokes program is in 2016 a candidate for the category of "best regional entertainment program" in the "iris" awards given by the television academy in Spain.

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