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Canal Volver Canlı Yayınını İzleyin. Argentina tv kanalları

Bu, Argentina'dan bir TV kanalıdır.

Volver is an Argentine subscription television channel dedicated to the transmission of film and television archives in Argentina.

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 Yayınlandı December 4, 2019, ve son olarak değiştirildi 18 hours ago.


It was founded in August 1994. Its 24-hour program broadcasts films, soap operas, documentaries, musical programs and special cycles that marked an era of Argentine television.

It produces some of its programs, such as The usher, Back rock, Door V, Country rock, See you again, Back tango, Back route, Re-sing, Back question, Challenge Back, The 1002 moments of the TV, The great album TV and Play again (the program that tests, the honor of your family).

Volver achieved since its creation the rejection of a large part of the authors of the material issued, for violating the administrative rules for payment of royalties. Just in 2010, he began to comply with the copyright laws of Argentina. Its main objective is to recover and improve quality and sound audiovisual material that were part of the Argentine television and film history.

He started his operation with 150 national films recovered. 14 years later, it has 1700 Argentine films and more than 35,000 hours of television programming, making it the largest television archive in the country. The signal reaches more than 500 cable television systems in Argentina.

In 2007, he returns to produce Back Rock, in homage to 40 years of national rock. In this season, national rock icons such as Las Pelotas, Hilda Lizarazu, Virus, Fito Páez, Los Tipitos, and the founders of national rock: Los Gatos are present.

In 2009, according to its own ads, the channel was going to close. Artear explained that this would happen due to the new legal provisions of the Media Law, although none of his notices deepened on the subject, which implied that the reasons were probably political and that his disappearance would be for other reasons, such as have ceased to be profitable.

In August 2014, as part of its adaptation to the Audiovisual Communication Services Law, the Clarin Group decides to sell its shares belonging to the company IESA (Inversora de Eventos S.A.). They were sold to the North American investment fund 34 South Media LLC.1 2 Prior to its sale, the channel was added to IESA, owned until then by Artear.

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