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SIC TV Canlı Yayınını İzleyin. Brazil tv kanalları

Bu, Brazil'dan bir TV kanalıdır.

SIC TV is a Brazilian television station based in Porto Velho, the capital of the state of Rondônia.

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 Yayınlandı October 23, 2015, ve son olarak değiştirildi 4 weeks ago.

SIC TV (the former TV Candelária), affiliated for 23 years to Record, with its 22 broadcasters, today forms the largest television network in the state, all interconnected by satellite and producing the largest and best regional programming in Rondônia.

The broadcaster also has the best and most renowned television team in the state, with consensus in all layers and social classes, the credibility, and professionalism of its more than 200 professionals.

Today, SIC produces more than 60 hours of programming weekly, entirely conceived and presented in the State, with the main character of the citizen of Rondônia.

In addition, to live programming in Porto Velho and distributed via satellite to the entire state, the interior also has its production centers. For this, it maintains its own program in the middle of the day, in the cities of Jaru, Ji-Paraná, Cacoal, Rolim de Moura, and Pimenta Bueno.

The journalism of SIC TV/Record already established in the state for its competence, breadth, and credibility, has the largest team of professionals in the state. They are reporters and videographers permanently focused on the participation of the network's newspapers. They are based in the squares of Ji-Paraná, Cacoal, Ariquemes, Jaru, Pimenta Bueno, and Rolim de Moura, each with the responsibility to cover their region. In addition, it has coverage by Alexandre Badra directly from the Brasília branch.

Another highlight of SIC TV is the pioneer in the generation of digital HD signals in the state. The broadcaster aired in October 2010, during the debate of candidates for the Government, the first digital signal from the State, followed days later by Record News Rondônia, another broadcaster belonging to the Imagem de Comunicação System. It was only two years later that competing co-sisters began to follow in the footsteps of pioneer broadcasters.

The pioneer mark of SIC TV also reached the interior of the state. On March 3, 2013, the municipality of Pimenta Bueno, where the group's generating station is located, was awarded the first broadcaster in the interior of Rondônia to generate a digital signal.

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